Thirteen years ago, Kaiser Permanente doctors poisoned me with Gadolinium.
They administered a contra-indicated gadolinium-based-contrast agent (GBCA) during an MRI.
It is made by Bayer Pharmaceuticals. It is called Magnevist.
I received only 30cc, which is about the size of a large shot, a jigger of whiskey

In the United States, GBCAs are used in about 30 to 45% of MRIs performed each years.
Since the 1980s, more than 200 million U.S. patients have been exposed to GBCA.
Worldwide, more than 450 million patients have received GBCAs during MRIs.
GBCAs are prescribed to children–who must not be perceived simply as little adults–as young as two years old.
There have been 23 documented cases of Gadolinium Toxicity in children.
For decades, the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA have lied to the public.

Then in 2017, they admitted that Gadolinium indeed breaches the brain-spine blood barrier.
It deposits into the brain and other organs.
Yet, to this day, they falsely insist GBCAs can cause only one known disease, Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis.

In fact, big Pharma engaged in a toxic game of symantics to deflect and avoid responsibility as they poisoned millions of people.
In fact, it is far more ethical to name the adverse effect of GBCAs by the all-inclusive term, Gadolinium Toxicity.
In fact, most other chemical poisoning, like lead poisoning, is named after the toxic element.
In fact, Gadolinium is a highly toxic heavy metal that cannot be found inside our bodies unless it is medically injected into us.
In fact, now Gadolinium can be found in our water supply systems (as it is discharged by so many patients after the MRI).
In fact, GBCAs cause a wide array of diseases.
In fact, is highly toxic to at least the fibrotic, nephrotic, neurologic and orthopedic systems.
In fact, each one of those gadolinium-caused diseases causes a sequela of serious symptoms. 

In fact, June 12, 2009, I suffered renal failure and collapsed.
In fact, Kaiser physicians lied when they swore it had nothing to do with Bayer’s GBCA, Magnevist.
In fact, I sustained an iatrogenic injury–I was medically poisoned.
In fact, I was severely injured and required an inordinate number of surgeries.

Yet, Kaiser refused to perform them.
Meanwhile, I was assessed permanently disabled and assigned to Medi-Cal.
So I switched to the UC Regents Medical System.
Unbeknownst to me at the time, I jumped from the pan and into the fire.