The State of California has deteriorated into an Administrative State.
Here, the preservation of the government agencies take priority over the well-being of the state’s citizens.
The State Agencies, including the UC Regents Medical Centers, are no longer here to serve the citizens.
Instead, we are here to serve their administrative agenda and the greed of the state employees and elected officials.
Administrative Agenda? Self-preservation and expansion. We are now in service to their gains and political goals.
This is not a government by the people for the people; it is not our original intent of democracy.

Medi-Cal now serves about one-third of the state’s population, about 13 million people out of 39 million residents.
Through Medi-Cal, the Administrative State feels entitled to dictate our quality of life.
By controlling our access to medical services, they control our lives, our compliance and our votes.
They/It restrict our access to timely and full-equal-fair medical services.
The State Agencies have imposed the inverse of the traditional, “Quality of Life,” medical standard.
“QUALYs,” or Quality of Life Years is the new barometer of eligibility.

Compounding this crisis: 
The medical industry is co-dependent with the pharmaceutical industry.
Their symbiotic relationship is glaringly obvious and toxic to patients.
Today, both mutualistic and parasitic relations have evolved. Guess who’s who?
Our For-Profit Medicine has malformed into a malignant, toxic growth-industry.
Think, the 1958 horror movie, The Blob.

Further compounding this crisis:
Adaptive persons with disabilities and other undesirables are deemed to be, “Less entitled.”
The UC Regents have turned us into unwilling test subjects upon whom undertrained students practice their underdeveloped skills.
Their dirty secret is now outed. They cannot graduate med students without a sufficient number of Guinea Pigs.

What once stood as pyramidic pillars of society have been turned upside down.
These inversed pyramids are formed through the collusion between State Agencies and pseudo-private industry.
They bear down disproportionally upon the more vulnerable citizens.
Yet, the Nabla of the Administrative State bears down on all people but for the top single digit percentile.

As the pig Napolean revised in the novel, Animal Farm, “Some animals are simply more equal than others.”
The Administrative State and its contractors now decide who gets to live or die.
Murder by Medi-Cal has become a very real, horrific nightmare.