Regents of the University of California


Since 2013, the administrative and medical staff of the Regents of the University of California Medical Centers’ refuted my need for medical services by denying radiological findings, generating false medical reports, manipulating medical protocol, advancing deceitful administrative claims and by generating insufficient or no Medi-Cal Treatment Authorization Requests (TARs).

My following account demonstrates a profound pattern of grossly delayed and denied surgeries-far beyond any plausible deniability. Also, there is a pronounced cycle of denials correlating with my developing medical needs: First, since 2013 and continuing, it was the neurosurgeons denying me neurosurgeries. Second, since 2013 and continuing, it was the orthopedic surgeons denying me joint surgeries. Third, since 2017 and continuing, now it is spine surgeons denying me spine surgeries. Worse, the UC Regents maliciously manipulated and deceived me, an adaptive person with disabilities, to use me as an unwitting test subject upon whom, while I was unconscious, unskilled residents and fellows practiced their inadequate skills with devastating results for me—mutilation of my spine which UC surgeons have refused to repair for the last three years.

1. UCLA:

A. UCLA Cardiology and Electrophysiology Depts.:

  1. UCLA Cardiology and Electrophysiology discriminated against me, manipulated medical protocol, denied my cardiological disorder and deprived me of necessary heart surgery. They inflicted years of anguish and pain and financially capitalized upon my status. By ordering expensive tests and imaging but misrepresenting results to deny my true surgical need, they committed fraud and abused me, repeatedly.
  2. On about July 16, 2020, UCLA Cardiology administered a contrast dye Definity to me during a Cardiogram. I suffered a severe adverse reaction. Dr. Aksoy advised me to walk to the ED as the EMS would take too long. Alas, the ED in-take staff dismissed my urgent need for care and instead insisted I was suffering a chronic headache. I left.
  3. Thrice, UC Cardiologists provided false surgical clearances that put me in harm’s way.
  4. First, about May 2020, UCLA Cardiology Dr. Aksoy cleared me for orthopedic joint surgeries. Therefore, I traveled more than 800 round-trip miles to Mammoth Orthopedic Institute, the only provider in the last nine years willing to accept Medi-Cal to perform the joint surgeries. Yet, upon arrival I suffered heart failure due to the high elevation.
  5. I had to return to UCLA due to the heart problems.
  6. About June 24, 2020, I met UCLA Electrophysiologist Houman Khakpour, M.D. Dr. Khakpour prescribed either heart surgery or additional collection of data through an internal, surgically installed “Loop Recorder.” To avoid heart surgery, I agreed to the loop recorder—not knowing that a simple treadmill test, later ordered by UCSF, could provide the necessary medical information to make an accurate diagnosis.
  7. About September 15, 2020, Dr. Khakpour installed the expensive Loop Recorder valued at about $20,000 but failed to calibrate it in accordance with my medical needs. Subsequent UCLA physicians refused to adjust it, too, rendering it useless to me.
  8. One week later, about September 23, 2020, I returned to UCLA Medical Center for a post-operative follow-up appointment. I called Dr. Khakpour’s office from the lobby and informed his office staff that misguided Covid-19 staff in the lobby were denying me access and I requested their assistance.
  9. Khakpour and his staff refused to assist I. I called the police. The UCLA police assaulted and battered then arrested me. Dr. Khakpour subsequently abandoned me.
  10. His actions and subsequent facts revealed the loop recorder was a fraudulent act.
  11. For my next surgical clearance, I sought care at UCLA Cardiology, Santa Monica. There, Defendants discriminated against me and refused to accommodate me. Their Nuclear Testing equipment did not accommodate me, an Adaptive person with disabilities. They subsequently misrepresented the proper accommodations available at Westwood Nuclear Testing Department. Through self-advocacy, I subsequently obtained the Nuclear Stress Test from the kind, accommodating staff at UCLA Westwood Nuclear Medicine.
  12. December 16, 2021, in an attempt to clear me for surgery, UCLA Cardiology Santa Monica Dr. Daneshvar kindly placed a same-day order for a CT at their Emergency Department.
  13. Alas, on December 16, 2021, UCLA Santa Monica Emergency Department failed to administer the proper pre-procedure questionnaire, failed to inform me it would be a contrast enhanced CT and failed to provide appropriate pre-procedure prescriptions.
  14. Kaiser’s similar malpractice led to the near-fatal Gadolinium Toxicity and the last thirteen years of profound injury and misery. Indeed, I have subsequently suffered adverse reactions to other types of contrast dyes, despite my vigilance, due to physicians’ misrepresentations and neglect.
  15. At the last minute, while I was in the CT tube, staff stated they would administer iodine-based contrast dye. I objected. The Radiologist realized the error and stated, “Get him out of my CT.”
  16. When I attempted to leave the dangerous situation, the ED physician harassed him. I criticized her for putting him in harm’s way due to his NSF and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) disabilities that render me vulnerable to Contrast Induced Nephropathy (CIN).
  17. When I returned to Dr. Daneshvar’s office to inform him of the incident, Dr. Daneshvar wrongfully criticized me and yelled at and mocked me in a public hallway in front of staff. Dr. Daneshvar explained that the ED physician called and preemptively informed him that I supposedly, “Lambasted,” her.
  18. In fact, I was protecting myself. Only at UCLA, is an Adaptive person with disabilities advocating for safety accused of lambasting by an egocentric ED physician.
  19. Second, Dr. Daneshvar cleared me for surgery.
  20. In fact, subsequently, the December 20th thoracic spinal cord surgery was postponed because my heart was too weak to proceed.
  21. Subsequently, upon my return to Los Angeles, Dr. Daneshvar harassed me and allowed our relationship to deteriorate.
  22. About February 3, 2022, UCLA Cardiac Devise Clinic, on instructions from UCLA Dr. Macias, refused to adjust my loop recorder to an appropriate range to record adverse cardiac events. Instead of 40BPM, they set the range back to 30BPM well below my dysfunctional heart range, thereby causing the device to make no recordings/provide no data.
  23. About February 14, 2022, with apprehension from the police assault six months earlier, I nervously returned to Dr. Aksoy for help. Though Dr. Aksoy recently admitted off the record that I probably needed a pacemaker, “All along,” after the tread mill test he lied to me and stated, “You passed the test.”
  24. In fact, I failed it.
  25. Aksoy then harassed me and growled, “What, you want a pace-maker?”
  26. I responded, “I want an accurate diagnosis, then we’ll discuss treatment.” I also told Dr. Aksoy that I was shocked that he elected to end an eight-year relationship on such a horrible note and that I would hold him accountable for his mistreatment.
  27. Third, despite Imy well-expressed apprehension, Dr. Aksoy doubled down on UCLA’s mistreatment and provided a third false surgical clearanceonce again placing me in harm’s way.
  28. I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Cardiac medical services at UCLA—which is what they wanted.
  29. In fact, UCSF EP Dr. Marcus and UCLA Pulmonologist Dr. Eshaghian ordered the tread mill test.
  30. About February 7, and March 10, 2022, UCLA Cardiology Stress Lab located in the Ronald Regan Hospital accommodated me well, with respect and kindness and with a true interest in my well-being.
  31. In fact, the simpler, far less expensive tread mill test revealed the true heart disorder. They achieved relevant test results that revealed chronotropic incompetence and sick sinus node syndrome.
  32. May 16, 2022, UCSF Electrophysiologist Dr. Marcus surgically installed a pacer implant—8 years after I sought heart care at UCLA.
  33. In fact, during the procedure, the fraudulent, useless $20,000 loop recorder was explanted and discarded in the trash.

B. UCLA Emergency Departments:

  1. For the last three years, and longer and continuing, UCLA Emergency Rooms have repeatedly denied me necessary timely medical services and thereby violated MTALA and my state and federally ensured ADA Rights.
  2. First, about September 2015, UCLA ED denied me treatment for my cranial infection by falsely denying my head was infected.
  3. Second, about 2018, UCLA ED refused to treat me and denied me a CT of my head. The police advised the staff they were violating MTALA.
  4. Third, about July 16, 2020, I went to the UCLA Westwood ED after the Cardiology adverse reaction, the in-take staff mocked me and insisted I was suffering a chronic headache. I left.
  5. Fourth, at the end of my last visit at UCLA Westwood ED, about September 23, 2020 and September 30, 2020, after I waited for hours to be discharged, staff refused to remove the IV from my arm. When I left to go to UCLA Santa Monica ED to have it removed, maligned staff chased me down the public street, threatening me.
  6. Subsequently, the Sant Monica ED refused to remove the IV that was left in my arm from the UCLA Westwood ED incident of neglect, exacerbating the discrimination.
  7. Fifth, about December 16, 2021, Santa Monica ED’s latest mistreatment regarding the CT imaging of my heart is detailed above.
  8. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for emergency medical services from UCLA—which is what they wanted.

C. UCLA Endocrinology/
Gonda Diabetes Center and Rheumatology:

  1. About 2017, UCLA Rheumatology submitted a TAR to Medi-Cal to treat me with Prolia for my Osteoporosis. Yet, after Medi-Cal authorized the treatment, UCLA Rheumatology and Endocrinology refused to administer it to me.
  2. About August 8, 2018, Albert Shieh, M.D., refused me any treatment for my Osteoporosis. Since then, no physician would treat my Osteoporosis. Yet, UCLA repeated the Bone Scan test to repeatedly confirm my Osteoporosis but continued to deny treatment, rendering the related expensive imaging and appointments as fraudulent.
  3. From August 2018 to September 2020, I repeatedly pled for treatment but was denied. I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Osteoporosis treatment from UCLA—which is what they wanted.

D. UCLA Head & Neck Department and Physicians:

  1. For the last three years and longer and continuing, UCLA Head & Neck Surgery has repeatedly denied me necessary medical services, including a revision surgery to correct their surgical errors.
  2. About 2017, UCLA Dr. Mendelsohn mutilated my vocal cords and subsequently refused to revise them, exacerbating my disability and subsequently discriminated against me by refusing to treat the iatrogenic injury he inflicted upon me.
  3. About July 20, 2018 and August 15, 2018, UCLA Dr. Quinton Gopen diagnosed Superior Semi-Circular Canal Dehiscence (SSCD)
  4. About December 19, 2018, UCLA Dr. Gopen and Isaac Yang, M.D. denied Dr. Gopen’s previous diagnosis of SSCD and therefore denied surgery then failed to further diagnose my existing disorders.
  5. About January 2022, UCLA Head & Neck staff instructed me to obtain pre-testing for an evaluation appointment with a physician.
  6. About February 3 and 11, 2022, the Head & Neck technicians performed the prerequisite tests including a hearing test and a VEMP test. Yet, upon completion of the testing, Head & Neck refused to schedule the promised evaluation appointment with a physician and excluded me.
  7. About May 2022, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Head and Neck medical services at UCLA—which is what they wanted.

E. UCLA Neurosurgery:

  1. For the last three years, and longer and continuing, UCLA Neurosurgery repeatedly denied I necessary surgeries and thereby discriminated against him.
  2. 2013, Neurologist Dr. Puratian diagnosed me with extensive cerebral atrophy but I never received any follow-up care.
  3. About 2015, Neurosurgery refused to surgically explant the infected neurostimulator.
  4. About 2018, UCLA Neurosurgery refused to surgically explant the defective, FDA recalled neurostimulator.
  5. About September 18, 2019, Dr. Isaac Yang exercised a reprehensible level of mockery of me. I pled for revision cranioplasty surgery that Dr. Yang denied me. I stated, “I am a human being and deserve to be treated as one. I need this surgery.”
  6. Then, Dr. Yang laughed at me in an escalating maniacal manner and repeatedly mocked, “I am human, too. I am human, too. I am human, too,” as he denied me revision cranioplasty surgery though my skull was sinking inward and creating unmanageable pain. His was a particularly cruel, unethical level of abuse and mockery.
  7. I complained to the Clinic manager. She failed to assist me. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Neurosurgery medical services from UCLA—which is what they wanted.

F. UCLA's Office of Compliance:

  1. Though the Office of Compliance reached out to me, after Pulmonology Clinic manger contacted them, and kindly interviewed me and requested a complaint and I submitted a complaint, the Office of Compliance failed to respond to me.

G. UCLA Ophthalmology:

  1. For the last three years, and longer and continuing, Ophthalmology discriminated against me and manipulated their evaluation of an identified neuro-ophthalmological disorder and refused me timely medical services.
  2. 2018, UCI Ophthalmology Dept. diagnosed me with neuro-ophthalmological disorders requiring treatment and advised I to seek care at UCLA.
  3. February 22, 2019, UCLA Ophthalmologist Benjamin I Graham confirmed UCI’s diagnoses and referred me to UCLA Stein Eye Center.
  4. April 29, 2019, Laura Bonell, M.D. denied me medical services to treat my diagnosed neuro-ophthalmological disorders.
  5. May through September 2019, I revisited the administrative office and pled for medical services. The staff repeated promised me the Director would call me. I never received the call.
  6. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Ophthalmological medical services at UCLA—which is what they wanted.

H. UCLA Orthopedics:

  1. For the last nine years and continuing, UCLA Orthopedics discriminated against me and refused any prescribed joint surgeries. These surgeries are not only medically necessary but the California Dept. of Social Services’ Administrative Law Judge ordered them to be performed in October, October of 2013. Yet, for the last ten years they refused me.
  2. About January 30, 2019 and July 11, 2019, Orthopedics physician Dr. Alexakis denied any shoulder, elbow or hip injuries.
  3. About July 19, 2019, October 11, 18 and 24, 2019, November 1, 2019, April 2020, August 6 and 27, 2020, Orthopedics PA Ms. Jheralyn Martin kindly evaluated me and ordered imaging. Yet, Dr. Sharon Hame refused to see me, let alone provide surgical services.
  4. In fact, she is the chair of equity, diversity and inclusion. Yet, she discriminated against me—an adaptive person with disabilities.
  5. They committed fraud when they charged Medi-Cal/me for evaluations and imaging but denied surgeries. Instead, UCLA PA Jheralyn Martin advised me it would be better for me to pursue surgeries elsewhere because UCLA and Dr. Hame will not accept Medi-Cal.
  6. Yet, on the UCLA Orthopedic website, Dr. Shame states, “I am extremely honored to help lead the Department of Orthopedics Surgery’s efforts to foster an environment of equality, diversity, inclusion and social justice.”
  7. In fact, her actions and inactions demonstrate a pronounced, unabashed hypocrisy and a vulgar personal policy of discrimination.
  8. Recently, about January 13, 2022, at the instruction of the urgent care physician Dr. Puneky, Dr. Baroni and the Clinic Manager, Reena, I visited the Orthopedic Department. Dr. Baroni and the clinic manager Reena informed me that they have seen many of their patients, including children who are Medi-Cal Enrollees denied medical services.
  9. Alas, upon my visit, Orthopedic’s Evening Urgent Clinic staff stated she would search for a surgeon who accepts Medi-Cal and call me. She suggested, if I did not hear from her, I should return to the Clinic in a few days.
  10. Yet, when I tried to return, the clinical manager, Ms. Maria Chavez, met him in the hospital lobby, mocked me and stated in a hostile, discriminatory manner, “I know who you are; everyone knows who you are.” When I stated I believe her refusal to allow me access was discriminatory, she mocked me, “You’ve threatened us with that before,” laughed at me and walked away, leaving me abandoned and excluded in the lobby.
  11. In contrast, about a month later, I called the Orthopedic Surgery Dept., again, at the Primary Care’s bequest. Staff referenced a, “Matrix,” and listed surgeons who were accepting Medi-Cal, and, scheduled me for two appointments for shoulders and spine—according to the staff, they did not have an hip surgeon who would accept Medi-Cal.
  12. About April 28, 2022, I finally met the orthopedic shoulder surgeon, UCLA Robert Andrew, M.D. Due to my spinal injuries, I could not position myself for shoulder X-Rays. Dr. Andrew stated he could not assist me until I received the two outstanding spine surgeries.
  13. In fact, for almost ten years, UCLA has denied me any orthopedic surgery, despite the CDSS October 2013 order for shoulder and hip surgeries and despite the extensive imaging demonstrating the need for surgeries and despite prescription of surgery by other physicians.
  14. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Orthopedic medical services at UCLA—which is what they wanted.

I. UCLA Pain Management:

  1. For the last three years, and longer and continuing, UCLA Pain Management refused to treat me or provide relief from the pain from eleven untreated major injuries.
  2. Recently, UCLA Dr. David Chen referred me to UCLA PM for post-surgical pain.
  3. February 9, 2022, UCLA Pain Management Dr. Ing, stated that, “I have nothing to offer you.”
  4. In fact, for an Adaptive person suffering exacerbated disabilities and requiring surgeries including c-spine revision for severe iatrogenic injuries; thoracic Arachnoid Web and spinal cord deterioration; six joint injuries including bilateral shoulders, elbows and hips; a spinal cord stimulator replacement surgery, a right foot bunion disorder, and a right hand thumb injury, not to mention the complex disorders from Gadolinium Toxicity, his claim was absurd and discriminatory.
  5. Even the clinic manager agreed that I cannot be abandoned or marginalized in this manner. She promised to advocate for me. Alas, when I returned a week later, as she asked, she refused to tell me the results of her supposed advocacy. I was thereby denied care and excluded.
  6. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for pain management medical services at UCLA—which is what they wanted.

J. UCLA Patient Experiences (Grievance Office):

  1. For several years, Patient Experiences wrongfully dismissed me and did not advocate for me to receive unjustly denied medical services.
  2. About August 5 and 10, 2020, after I complained to Patient Experiences for their failure to accommodate me as an Adaptive person with disabilities, they retaliated against me and refused to accept future complaints for denial of medical services and mistreatment.
  3. By about August 14, 2020, Patient Experience administrator Marianne Rowan-Braun reneged and failed to meet with me as agreed. Their exclusion is discriminatory and retaliatory against me for complaining about ability-based discrimination and wrongful denial of surgeries. As they stated, their exclusion is continuing every day. Their actions preclude just conflict resolution and discriminate against and exclude the already aggrieved patient and prevent my receipt of timely medical services.
  4. UCLA Patient Experiences and President Johnese Spisso refused to meet me despite my numerous pleas. They obstructed my rights to file grievances and thereby banished me to the heap of undesirables, cast from their elitist medical center—all because I am disabled and poor. Theirs is a cruel exercise of power.
  5. In fact, they keep me disabled. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped seeking Patient advocacy and mediation services at UCLA—which is what they wanted.

K. UCLA Police:

  1. About September 23, 2020, UCLA Police wrongfully discriminated against, assaulted, battered and arrested and injured me when I tried to attend my post-surgical EP appointment.
  2. UCLA staff at a Covid-19 table in the building’s lobby lied and falsely complained I would not wear a mask. I asked for a face shield but they refused to provide one. If UCLA falsely asserts my face mask is insufficient—something that was never suggested prior to the assault—they are lawfully obligated to accommodate me and provide a face-shield.
  3. I called the police. Yet, a responding police officer pressed upon my injured shoulder until I reacted in pain then several officers tackled me to the ground and knelt on my injured neck while they kicked me in my groin.
  4. I cried out, “I can’t breathe,” but they laughed, “It will be over soon.” The lead officer falsely declared, “He is reaching for your gun.”
  5. I denied his absurd allegation and threat to my life as I was pinned to the ground under several police officers.
  6. In fact, as an Adaptive Person with disabilities, suffering severe iatrogenic cervical spine kyphosis, face masks do not remain in position and slip down as I walk on my crutches. As a person dependent upon crutches, I cannot readily adjust my mask when it slips down, unless I am allowed to first sit down. When I speak, face masks slip down my face. When I approached the Covid-19 table and answered their questions, it had slipped down.
  7. They thereby discriminated against me and instigated the assault and false arrest. Likewise, due to the untreated restricted breathing and sinus bradycardia/chronotropic incompetence heart disabilities, I was legally exempt from wearing a mask but wore one out of courtesy and concern for others.
  8. At the time of the assault, I desperately needed cervical spine, and, thoracic spinal cord surgery, six joint surgeries, neurosurgery, heart surgery, bunion surgery and suffered restricted breathing. Yet, the police knelt on my neck and back while they repeatedly kicked me in my testicles and lied that I reached for their, “Gun,” while UCLA staff filmed the assault and celebrated the abuse.

L. UCLA Primary Care Physicians:

  1. Medi-Cal claims Primary Care Physicians are designated as Enrollees’ “Advocates.” Yet, UCLA Primary Care Providers (PCPs) routinely cowered from their responsibilities to accommodate me and to advance my surgical needs. Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Schoenbrun made false promises to accommodate me, but in the privacy of their exam rooms, refused to advocate let alone contest specialty clinics’ refusal to treat me.
  2. About March 25, 2021 and April 29, 2021, Dr. Goldstein perpetrated the more absurd denial. He refused to read my medical records but insisted, “I don’t know if you need the surgeries.” I left his non-existent service.
  3. Schoenbrun refused to make referrals on my behalf. Instead, she complained to me about the inordinate number of hours she had spent treating Covid patients, presumably to insult me for thinking my medical needs significant, in comparison. I left her non-existent service.
  4. After months of promising to advocate for me, in the end, Dr. Baroni simply refused to advocate for me to receive twelve surgeries but offered to perform an annual physical exam for me. Likewise, both she and clinic manager Reena repeatedly shared information and opinions that others, including children, enrolled in Medi-Cal are being unjustly denied medical services. I begged them to introduce me to the Department manager Dr. Cursio and to escalate their advocacy efforts. When they refused, I left Dr. Baroni’s non-existent service.
  5. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Primary Care medical services at UCLA—which is what they wanted.

M. UCLA Pulmonology and Pulmonary Function Lab:

  1. The Pulmonary Function Lab discriminated against me. Three years ago, the staff tested me because I was not kyphotic at that time.
  2. About March 2022, the same Lab equipment did not accommodate me because I am now kyphotic. Instead, its mouth-piece arm does not pivot. So only those who can sit erect can utilize the testing equipment and receive accurate medical test results.
  3. In fact, equipment that incorporates a pivotable mouth-piece arm exists and UCLA once had such equipment but replaced it with the new, non-accommodating equipment, according to the lab manager Robert.
  4. Hence, my segment of the population of pulmonology patients with kyphosis are knowingly excluded from integral pulmonary function testing which is an act of blatant discrimination.
  5. In fact, about March 2022, the Function Lab staff mocked and criticized me. They falsely alleged that I was insincere in my efforts to breathe into the pulmonary function testing equipment. They made false, injurious remarks not only directly to me at the time of the testing and yelled at me to, “Try harder,” and, “Do better,” they recorded their false allegations of my supposed insincerity in their reports.
  6. Theirs is an act of attack and retaliation. Rather than accommodate me, they falsely blamed me, humiliated me and lied about me and my performance in medical records, in violation of ADA laws.
  7. I informed the Lab’s clinic manager, Robert, of my unacceptable encounter and asked him to resolve the discriminatory problem.
  8. About July 2022, I spoke with the lab staff, twice to advise them of my Adaptive needs for accommodation for my approaching test.
  9. Recently, about July 29, 2022, during a twenty-eight minute phone discussion, the Lab’s staff failed to accommodate I. When I explained that their refusal to accommodate me was discriminatory, the clinic Manager, Robert, falsely claimed I was trying to “Rial,” him. He and most UCLA staff exercise a solipsistic tactic of reversing their discrimination against the victim and falsely insisting the victim is the antagonist of their egocentric world whenever I demand they cease their discriminatory actions and inactions and accommodate me. Robert’s and many other UCLA staff and physicians’ malicious reversals are injurious to me, not to mention their unjust denials of medical services.
  10. In fact, for a similar treadmill testing—Pulmonology’s Lab Test is a stationary bicycle and therefore safer—the Cardiac Stress Test Lab staff kindly and professionally accommodated me by simply bracing me during the testing. Therefore, the denial of similar services at the Pulmonology Testing Lab is blatantly discriminatory.
  11. In an attempt to obtain the critical function test I needed to demonstrate he qualified for the two spine surgeries, I repeatedly called and visited the Pulmonology Clinic as it was my Pulmonologist Dr. Patricia Eshaghian who ordered the test on my behalf.
  12. Yet, on about July 29, 2022, without consulting me, Dr. Eshaghian unilaterally canceled the appointment—which takes more than four months to schedule—simply because I requested accommodation and appropriate safety measures. She thereby sanctioned the Lab’s discrimination, escalated it and precluded timely resolution.
  13. The day of the cancellation, I called the Clinic and pled for them not to cancel the appointment and explicitly explained they discriminated against me by unilaterally canceling the appointment.
  14. The next three weeks, I visited the Clinic twice, pleading for assistance. No one addressed the Testing Lab’s refusal to accommodate me or Dr Eshaghian’s unilateral cancelation. I was thereby denied full-equal-fair medical services and my access to critical testing was obstructed.
  15. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Pulmonary Testing medical services at UCLA—which is what they wanted.

N. UCLA Radiology:

  1. For about the last three years, and longer and continuing, UCLA Radiology has discriminated against me. When I complained about their discrimination, the Radiology Administrators and physicians retaliated against me for my complaints. They repeatedly refused me critical spinal imaging to evaluate the spinal cord injury and thereby discriminated against me and obstructed my access to appropriate and timely medical services, including surgeries.
  2. About 2017, UCLA Radiology misrepresented my AWS injury and denied its severity and thereby misled physicians relying upon Radiology’s diagnosis to prescribe appropriate and timely spinal surgeries.
  3. About October 2021, Radiology denied my order for a CT Arthrogram of my spine.
  4. About December 2021, Radiology misrepresented and denied the severity of my injuries requiring surgeries, namely my right foot bunion, and thereby misled physicians relying upon Radiology’s diagnosis to prescribe appropriate and timely medical services, including surgery.

O. UCLA School of Dentistry:

  1. For a substantial period of time, UCLA School of Dentistry postponed my Dental appointments due to Covid-19 protocol.
  2. About February 2021, UCLA Dentistry discriminated against me, an Adaptive Person with Disabilities. After they approved me to be a patient, and after the long delay due to Covid-19, UCLA Dentistry denied me dental services. They alleged it was because I do not have a physical address; suddenly, they rejected my post-office address—the same one I have been using for about seven years.
  3. I am houseless directly because of my unyielding status as an Adaptive person with exacerbated disabilities and severe medical incapacitation because Defendants have and continue to deny me critical surgeries and dental treatment including oral surgeries to repair broken teeth—several teeth were cracked and damaged during the February 26, 2020 surgical mutilation of my cervical spine.
  4. Likewise, theirs is but a thinly veiled attempt to conceal their animus and acts of discrimination against me, an Adaptive person with disabilities enrolled in Medi-Cal, by denying me appropriate and timely dental/medical services due to my disabilities and enrollment in Medi-Cal by “blaming me” for my housing status and indigency when they are at fault for denying me so many surgeries which keeps me disabled and homeless.
  5. For several months, I sought remedy to no avail. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for dental medical services at UCLA—which is what they wanted.

P. UCLA Spine Departments:

1. Neurospine:
Luke Macyszyn and Andrew Vivas, M.D.s

  1. For about the last five years and longer and continuing, UCLA Spine Department and surgeons have refused me critical cervical spine and thoracic spinal cord surgeries. They have made false promises to treat him then subsequently abandoned him ad denied him surgeries.
  2. About December 14, 2018, UCLA Luke Macyszyn M.D., denied I had a thoracic spinal cord disorder known as Arachnoid Web of the Spine (AWS) and thereby denied me surgery.
  3. About November 13, 2020, after the UCSD cervical mutilation, Luke Macyszyn, M.D., denied my cervical spine iatrogenic injuries and refused me revision cervical spine surgery and the still-outstanding AWS surgery.
  4. About December 28, 2020, and January 25, 2021, Andrew Vivas, M.D., evaluated me. He assured me because he was on salary for five years, my Medi-Cal coverage with its reduced reimbursement rate was irrelevant. Andrew Vivas, M.D., promised me swift consideration for Arachnoid Web of the Spine (AWS) surgery because my status was urgent. Yet, the physician’s subsequent 60-day delay was not swift and his discriminatory abandonment was devastating and furhter worsened by his subsequent destructive slander.
  5. January 29, 2021, I completed Dr. Vivas’ ordered Pre-operative Anesthesia Evaluation and obtained surgical clearances from UCLA Cardiology and Pulmonology (albeit, Cardiology’s clearance would later prove to be false.)
  6. February 22, 2021, after Andrew Vivas, M.D., failed to communicate with me for another month, I visited the clinic to speak with the clinic manager. While I was there talking with Celso, Dr. Vivas offered to see me for the third time. For Dr. Vivas to then reverse this simple fact demonstrates an intentional misrepresentation contributing to his overall scheme to defame me. It would be unreasonable and unrealistic for a patient to appear without an appointment but demand to see a spine surgeon and that did not occur, despite Dr. Vivas’ false, revisionist history to the contrary.
  7. I advised Andrew Vivas, M.D., that the anesthesia pre-surgical clearance would soon expire. I had fulfilled that prerequisite swiftly as I was eager to receive the AWS surgery that would relieve my severe pain, bodily dysfunctions and save my legs. Its scheduling was Dr. Vivas’ false assurance, as there was no other reason to schedule it but to prepare for surgery. I also informed Dr. Vivas of UCLA School of Dentistry’s shocking refusal to treat him, after scheduling long ago. Dr, Vivas wanted a surgical clearance from dentistry. I also told Vivas that I would go elsewhere for evaluation.
  8. February 22, 2021, was the last date I saw Dr. Vivas and unsuccessfully pled for surgery; the surgeon deflected and began reneging.
  9. It was only later, about March 5, 2021, that Dr. Lord’s clinic team called me and informed him that I was referred to Dr. Elizabeth Lord for a consult only. Andrew Vivas, M.D., did not tell me about this referral, let alone explain his reasoning so that I could have complied.
  10. On August 6, 2022, I discovered Defendants’ purported medical report addendum, added to Andrew Vivas, M.D., February 22, 2021, medical report. The date of the purported addendum is not designated but it was apparently added more than a year after I last saw Dr. Vivas and after I submitted my memorializing March 2021 grievance against him.
  11. About August 13, 2022, as per Cal. Civ. Code § 48a, I demanded Defendants cease and desist their defamation and libel per se. Vivas made numerous false statements and in order to characterize me as a mentally ill and problematic person. Their false addendum constitutes defamation and libel per se and placed me in a false light and was made with malice or reckless disregard whereby Defendants harmed me.

2. Orthopedic Spine
Dr. Elizabeth Lord

  1. About March 4, 2021, the clinical team for orthopedic spine surgeon Elizabeth Lord, M.D., called me and offered to evaluate my cervical spine. I clearly asked if Dr. Lord would consider performing the surgery and her team, explicitly stated, “No, only an evaluation.” I explained that I had been repeatedly evaluated, about four or five times, and did not, “Want to drag [them] into the current conflict,” and declined.
  2. About March 12, 2021, I submitted a written complaint to the Spine Center’s clinic manager complaining that Andrew Vivas, M.D., manipulated me, promised me that he would not abandon me, then abandoned me. His actions were cruel, fraudulent, unethical and discriminatory. He charged me for the discriminatory appointments which he manipulated to misrepresent my true surgical needs and thereby committed fraud.
  3. About April 2022, UCLA notified I that UCLA, “Now accepts Medi-Cal,” and they made an appointment for me to see UCLA orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Lord for April 29, 2022. Yet, Dr. Lord, refused and canceled my appointment without warning—neither she or her staff called me to explain, either prior to or after the cancellation.
  4. As per the Clinic manager, Celso, she refused to see me because of my past interaction with Dr. Vivas. Dr. Lord’s willful actions demonstrate the worst of community-based discrimination: Blame the Victim of discrimination and retaliate against him for having the gall to complain about ability-based discrimination and denial of two critical spine surgeries.
  5. Lord had no legitimate justification for blaming me for Dr. Vivas’ preceding actions but for my complaints thereof, which renders her actions retaliatory. She perpetuated the cruelty and as the third spine surgeon, denied me urgently needed revision cervical surgery in order to protect her colleagues and conceal their discrimination. Ironically, she thereby further exposed it and perpetuated it. Her supposed right to select patients does not include a right to discriminate against me due to my disabilities and assist and conceal the department’s previous discrimination, especially when she never met me and is, “Matrixed,” as the only orhtopedic spine surgeon to accept Medi-Cal. This is how discrimination—both ability-based and Medi-Cal discrimination—is institutionalized and how I was excluded from UCLA’s Spine Center since about 2014.
  6. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Spinal medical services at UCLA—which is what they wanted.

Q. UCLA Summary:

UCLA administrators and physicians denied me timely medical care including twelve surgeries and thereby discriminated against me, an Adaptive person with disabilities enrolled in Medi-Cal, and retaliated against me for filing discrimination complaints, and UCLA police assaulted, battered and imprisoned me, and UCLA administrators and physicians committed fraud against the state and federal government, California and me and have created a violent, , elitest, exclusive medical center on taxpayer funds that intentionally excludes the most vulnerable residents of California.

2. UC Irvine

A. UCI Neurosurgery:

  1. UC Irvine Neurological Surgery Chair and professor Dr. Frank Hsu initially agreed to perform the Thoracic Spinal Cord surgery and a revision craniotomy. Yet, Dr. Frank Hsu later reneged and denied both the craniotomy and spinal cord surgery.
  2. On about July 3, 2018, Frank Hsu, M.D., performed the pre-requisite surgery to remove the neuro-stimulator in preparation for the two other surgeries and ordered necessary imaging and consults. Plastic surgery agreed to partake in the revision craniotomy. My skull was caving inward and creating unbearable pressure on my brain.
  3. On about July 18, 2018, and November 28, 2018, UC Irvine Frank Hsu evaluated me for a thoracic arachnoid cyst.
  4. On about January 11, 2019, UCI Neurosurgery referred me to UCI Neuromuscular Dept. Seyed Sajjadi, M.D., evaluated me.
  5. January 22, 2019, UCI Plastic Surgery agreed to participate in the revision Cranioplasty that Dr. Hsu agreed to perform.
  6. February 13, 2019, Dr. Hsu evaluated me again for a thoracic arachnoid cyst and ordered CT myelogram of my spine.
  7. Yet, UCI Radiology would not schedule/perform the imaging.
  8. From about February through August, 2019, inclusive, I pled for the imaging and surgery. Yet, Dr. Hsu abandoned me and refused to seeme again, no matter how many times I visited his office and pled with his staff, thereby denyingvme revision cranioplasty surgery and the Thoracic spinal cord Arachnoid Web release surgery. He also refused to transfer my care to other UCI neuro/spine surgeons.
  9. Yet, about August 28, 2019, UCI neurosurgeon Amer Khalil, M.D., Director of Spine Surgery, Dept. of Neurological Surgery, co-published a report on Arachnoid Web of the Spine (AWS) disorder, confirmed the urgency to surgically treat it, and, thereby demonstrated that UCI was fully aware of and thereby wrongfully discriminated against and denied me appropriate and timely medical services, including AWS surgery.
  10. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Spinal medical services at UCI Neurosurgery—which is what they wanted.

B. UCI Orthopedics:

  1. Likewise, from 2017 through 2018, UC Irvine Orthopedics denied me any orthopedic joint surgeries. Once I submitted a grievance, the clinic refused to see me again, thereby discriminating against me and retaliating against me for exercising my civil rights.

C. UCI Ophthalmology:

  1. On about January 17, February 14, March 7, June 20, and September 19, 2019, UCI Ophthalmology evaluated me and diagnosed neuro-ophthalmological disorders but failed to treat me.
  2. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Ophthalmological medical services at UCI—which is what they wanted.

D. UCI Summary:

About November 18, 2020, I filed a civil rights violations complaint, #30-2020-01170869-CU-NP-CJC, against UC Irvine and relevant physicians. Due to my exacerbated disabilities and severe medical incapacitation and surgeons’ refusal to treat me, I could not tend to it.

3. UC San Diego:

A. UCSD Neurosurgery:

  1. On about May 21, 2019, July 24, 2019, August 6, 2019 and September 25, 2019, Dr. John Alksne and UCSD Dr. Marc Schwartz evaluated me and kindly scheduled me for revision craniotomy. Yet, on the day of the surgery, the hospital staff would not admit me and thereby discriminated against me. Soon thereafter, Dr. Alksne retired. I subsequently informed Dr. Schwartz, “I did not want to drag him into the conflict,” and withdrew.
  2. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Neurosurgery medical services at UCSD Neurosurgery.
  3. Orthopedics:
  4. About February 15, 2019, UCSD Kenneth Vitale, M.D., evaluated my hip and referred me to Drs. Robertson and Gonzales.
  5. About July 12, 2019, UCSD performed CT with contrast of my shoulders and diagnosed numerous superior glenoid lesions
  6. About July 16, 2019, UCSD Dana C Convey, M.D. evaluated my shoulders and denied any injury and thereby denied surgery.
  7. About March 8, 2019, UCSD Francis Gonzales, M.D. evaluated my hips and denied any hip disorders and thereby denied surgery.
  8. About August 29, 2019, UCSD performed CTs with contrast of my bilateral hips but they refuted any injury and thereby denied me any further Orthopedic or Sports Medicine hip appointments or surgeries.
  9. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Neurosurgery medical services at UCSD Neurosurgery—which is what they wanted.

B. UCSD Orthopedics:

  1. About February 15, 2019, UCSD Kenneth Vitale, M.D., evaluated my hip and referred me to Drs. Robertson and Gonzales.
  2. About July 12, 2019, UCSD performed CT with contrast of my shoulders and diagnosed numerous superior glenoid lesions
  3. About July 16, 2019, UCSD Dana C Convey, M.D. evaluated my shoulders and denied any injury and thereby denied surgery.
  4. About March 8, 2019, UCSD Francis Gonzales, M.D. evaluated my hips and denied any hip disorders and thereby denied surgery.
  5. About August 29, 2019, UCSD performed CTs with contrast of my bilateral hips but they refuted any injury and thereby denied me any further Orthopedic or Sports Medicine hip appointments or surgeries.
  6. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for Neurosurgery medical services at UCSD Neurosurgery—which is what they wanted.

C. UCSD Neurospine:

  1. December 2019 through February 26, 2020, UC San Diego neurosurgeons Dr. Ciacci and Dr. Martin promised to repair my thoracic spinal cord Arachnoid Web. Instead, they coerced and deceived me and performed an unnecessary cervical posterior six-level fusion surgery in a highly negligent manner, fused me in a kyphotic position, drove a pedicle screw into my spinal canal and left many screws loose. Their discriminatory assault and battery and negligence adversely impacts not only my spine but my heart, lungs and mid to lower back.
  2. Consider, I already had my neck fused in 2015 by UCSF Dr. Bobby Tay. There was no reason to cut me open posteriorly and mutilate my body, but for one …
  3. They used me as a lab rat for fellows to practice upon in woeful disregard of my safety, well-being and civil rights; it is a heinous act of ability-based discrimination to take advantage of a desperate Adaptive patient with disabilities and a vicious act of medical assault.
  4. Not only did I run for my life upon regaining consciousness—as the UCSD staff harassed me and I realized they mutilated my cervical spine, butI cannot return to UCSD as a result of the outrageous abuse. Because I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment, I stopped seeking medical services at UCSD—which is what they wanted.
  5. About May 2021, I filed a medical battery, civil rights violations, and medical negligence complaint, #37-2021-00019542-CU-CR, against UCSD and surgeons Dr. Ciacci, Dr. Martin and Dr. Wali.

4. UC Davis

A. UCD Neurospine

  1. August 30, 2021, UC Davis Chief of Spinal Neurosurgery and Co-Director of UC Davis Spine Center Dr. Kee Kim falsely claimed there was nothing wrong with my Thoracic spinal cord.

B. UCD Orthopedic Spine:

  1. Subsequently, November 2, 2021, UC Davis Vice-Chair of Administration and Co-Director of the UC Davis Spine Center, Orthopedic Spine surgeon Dr. Eric O. Klineberg invited me to drive from Los Angeles to meet him in Sacramento. Yet, in the appointment, he falsely asserted his colleague Dr. Kee Kim was correct and I do not have a thoracic spinal cord injury.
  2. Oddly, after his false assertion decimated physician-patient trust, he stated, “I know what you need for your cervical spine.” Yet he did not offer me a word of explanation of his surgical evaluation/plan. Shocked, I declined.
  3. Soon thereafter, I could no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for medical services at UC Davis—which is what they wanted.

5. UC San Francisco:

A. UCSF Radiology:

  1. November 4, 2021 and November 24, 2021, UCSF Radiology kindly performed a CT Myelogram and Fiesta MRI, respectively. The neuroradiologists assessed the thoracic spinal cord compression to be severe. After about five years of being denied the surgery, I have lost about 70% of my spinal cord volume in the T6-T7 region.

B. UCSF Neurospine:

  1. Though the plan was for me to be admitted to the hospital on the morning of Sunday, December 19th, 2021, so I may receive cardiology testing prior to surgery, the administration refused to admit me. This seriously fatigued me after the already exhausting two-day, four-hundred-mile drive from Los Angeles. Alas, after Social Services and the Hospital Director’s intervention, I was admitted at about 5:00pm. Ironically, this revealed that my heart was too weak. With the repeated climbing up and down San Francisco hills, to return to my parked vehicle each time I was refused admission, not to mention the ensuing altercations, made it glaringly obvious I was constantly and excessively, ‘out of breath,’ passing out and in cardiological distress.
  2. December 20, 2021, UCSF Neurospine surgeon Dr. Tan was to perform the thoracic Arachnoid Web of the Spine surgery. Yet, the morning of the surgery UCSF Cardiology gave a false surgical clearance without performing any tests and Dr. Tan expressed more interest in his schedule than my well-being. I was forced to object and to exercise my right of self-preservation. Surgery was scrubbed.
  3. Weeks later, UCSF Electrophysiologist Dr. Marcus kindly intervened. He ordered tests. Thereafter, he diagnosed Chronotropic Incompetence and Sick Sinus Node Syndrome and prescribed surgery to install a pacer, prior to any spine surgery. Given my complex medical profile and unique matrix of twelve outstanding surgeries, each surgery, particularly the administration of anesthetic drugs, imposes a significant load upon his heart and risk to my survival.
  4. May 16, 2022, UCSF Dr. Marcus performed heart surgery, about two years after Mammoth Orthopedic Institute physicians first identified my cardiological disorder—after eight years of UCLA’s discriminatory denials of appropriate and timely cardiological medical services.
  5. The benefits are like a second lease on life and provides me with the strength to file this complaint and fight the medical providers’ lethal and discriminatory deprivations.
  6. Alas, since December 20, 2021, I repeatedly tried to communicate with Neurospine to learn the details of the refusals to admit me. Yet, eight months later, no one will discuss it.
  7. Worse, since January 20, 2022, UCSF Dr. Tan failed to adequately respond to my letter requesting I be rescheduled for thoracic AWS surgery. The lack of professional follow-through is debilitating, and again, just like 2015, just another form of blaming the victim—years of UCLA Cardiology’s failure to diagnose treat and UCSF’s refusal to admit me and UCSF Cardiology’s false surgical clearance—and retaliating against me for protesting the violators’ discriminatory actions and denials.
  8. Due to my persistent requests for an explanation, about August 8, 2022, Lee Tan, M.D., published the following rejection, “After carefully reviewing his records and imaging, I think there is high risk for significant surgical complications and therefore I don’t recommend surgery. He is welcomed to get second opinion from other surgeons.”
  9. Yet, Lee Tan, M.D., will not provide an explanation of the new information he gleamed from my old, “Records and imaging.” He has yet to explain why it took him more than seven months after he originally scheduled the surgery to falsely claim I possess unidentified high risks of surgical complications and therefore does not recommend surgery.
  10. His false assertion and what he did next is akin to sentencing me to death.
  11. Lee Tan, M.D. will not explain why he subsequently sent a flawed referral to Orthopedic Spine. (He is neurospine surgeon.) It is flawed because, it references an, “Intradural pathology.” Intradural pathology is a medical disorder that only neurosurgeons can treat; Orthopedic Spine surgeons are prohibited from operating on it
  12. Indeed, about August 11, 2022, Vedat Devirine, M.D., declined my case without any inquiry or communication with me and the Ortho-Spine Dept. declination notice states, “We have determined there is no need for you to seek tertiary care here at the Ortho Spine Clinic. Your case states that you have an intradural arachnoid cyst, meaning pathology inside the spinal canal. Ortho spine surgeons do not perform surgery inside the spinal canal unlike Neurosurgeons in the Neuro-Spine Department.”
  13. Keep in mind that my cervical spine was still mutilated and I was in desperate need for revision surgery. Despite my severe injuries readily identified on UCSF’s recent and expensive radiological imaging, extensive inquiries and preemptive phone calls to both departments to resolve the discriminatory misrepresentations of my true surgical needs, the Ortho-Spine Dept. and Neuro-Spine Dept. and the Co-Piloting Program refused to accommodate me. 
  14. No one from the three departments or any one of its renowned surgeons would timely modify their position and provide a truthful evaluation. They individually and collectively thereby wrongfully discriminated against me and denied me not one but two critical spine surgeries. Thereby, their ten months of injurious action are intentional discriminatory, exclusionary and retaliatory and a down-right cruel violation of my human rights.
  15. Therefore, (1) the extreme delay in Dr. Tan’s follow-up; (2) his failure to provide an explanation for the supposed high risks that exclude me from consideration of surgery—surgery previously scheduled over seven months ago but canceled by no fault of mine; (3) and his flawed referral to Orthopedic Spine, leaves me with no other conclusion but that Lee Tan, M.D., intentionally discriminated against me, played a ‘long-game’ tactic to deny necessary surgeries, even after I received heart surgery to address my only known medical complication—which Dr Tan overlooked and was willing to ignore and place me in harm’s way, because, as he said, “You don’t know how many people are waiting to perform this surgery.” He retaliated against me for declining surgery until the cardiology work-up could be performed. Dr. Tan subsequently dissuaded his peers, the Ortho-Spine Dept. and the famous Co-Pilot Program from providing me a just and ethical evaluation and the two life-saving spine surgeries.
  16. In addition, Christopher Ames, M.D., a neurospine surgeon who is a lead surgeon of UCSF’s Co-Piloting program, declined my case because, according to his staff, it is “Too small.” Yet, according to his YouTube videos, published articles on UCSF’s Co-Piloting Program, they concentrate on cases of kyphosis, revision surgery and cases with pre-existing complications that present high surgical risk.
  17. Though I present with these three medical facts—a trifecta, if you will—Dr. Ames wrongfully rejected my case, because, it is, “Too small.” Yet, on August 11, 2022, I received Dr. Ames’ written declination notice. It states, “Referral was declined. Dr. Ames practice is focused on spine tumor, scoliosis and big deformity. Patient is also at high risk of significant surgical complications.”
  18. Obviously, the aggregate impact of these “moves,” excludes me from appropriate and timely evaluation and actual spine surgeries. Instead, I contend the involved surgeons and their staff and other unknown persons unjustly deceived me and delayed me and denied necessary spine surgeries and thereby discriminated against me, due to my disabilities—disabilities that they not only refused to accommodate but blatantly and deliberately exacerbated and/or Medi-Cal discrimination.
  19. Oh, and in the process, they committed fraudulent billing

6. Summary of the UC Regents' Medical Centers:

  1. The actions of the UC Regents’ Spine Surgeons are the cornerstone of the UC Lie. UC spine surgeons enforce a quota of only one spine surgery per patient—due to their Medi-Cal and/or ability-based discrimination—contrary to all medical ethics and standards of practice. Yet, the medical centers accept millions of dollars in state and federal Medi-Cal aid.
  2. The involved UC Regents spine surgeons—nearly all of them—discriminated against me and falsely projected upon me their obscene proclivity motivated by self-interest to “Cleeve,” the patient into parts and offer only to surgery to treat only the injury of their self-interest. Worse, they often actively interfered with and sabotaged referral to other UC Regents’ specialists. Their offers are a function of their self-interests as a teaching institution to provide fodder for their students and not motivated by the patient’s critical needs.
  3. Their actions create a state of extreme abuse, not unlike the untenable nightmare of forcing a mother to decide which child should be forfeited, as in the tragedy of, “Sophie’s Choice.” Their ego-driven myopic perspective is at fault, not my expectations—especially after multiple years of wrongful denials, manipulations and the cervical mutilation—that both surgeries be acknowledged as necessary and a reasonable surgical approach for both spine surgeries—with the appropriate specialists involved—be established and scheduled in a timely manner for my betterment and well-being—especially when it was a UC Regents Spine surgeon that mutilated me—three years ago!
  4. Instead, UC Regents spine surgeons fraudulently induced me to travel over eight hundred miles only to lie to me in order to buttress his/her deceitful, elitist colleague and find slog for his self-serving goals as a teacher. One can only fear what they are teaching the residents and fellows
  5. Contrarily, I contend I am a whole human being entitled to holistic medical care. Neither spine surgery must be allowed to exclude the other prescribed spine surgery.
  6. Holistic care is critical and one surgery alone will adversely impact the neglected, untreated remaining spinal injury and place me at undue risk. The refusal to provide me with holistic care for all of my serious spinal injuries is a form of discrimination as I am being piecemealed to death while surgeons wrongfully deem which surgeries warrant their attention and which do not—a function of their self-interests as faculty at a teaching medical center—not in the interest of the patient, me.
  7. Their actions were discriminatory and manipulation of medical protocol to deny the need for complex spine and spinal cord surgeries—both of them—and thereby denied me the same full-equal-fair services they offer to enabled patients with alternative means—not enrolled in Medi-Cal.
  8. Now, as I can no longer tolerate the abuse, on-going harassment and hostile environment and stopped advocating for spinal surgeries at the UC Regents Horror Chambers—which is what they wanted. I instead noticed them of my intention to sue them—which they apparently prefer.